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                                                                                                    Concerts 2014

20.12.2014 Velka Morava Hvezdlice
1.11.2014 Velka Morava Drazovice
6.9.2014 Velka Morava Ivanovice
29.8.2014 Show with band CITRON Hustopece
16.8.2014 Show with band CITRON Svetla nad Sazavou
8.8.2014 Velka Morava Kaminka fest
3.8.2014  Velka Morava Breclav
4.7.2014 Show with band CITRON Horepnik
5.7.2014 Velka Morava Cerncin
5.7.2014 Show with band CITRON Drevohostice
28.6.2014 Show with rock band Rain Nasedlovice
6.6.2014 Show with big band orchestr B&W Prague
23.6.2014 Show with big band orchestr B&W Brno
20.6.2014 Show with big band orchestr B&W Brno
5.6.2014 Show with big band orchestr B&W Vyskov
31.5.2014 Show with band CITRON Bohumin
7.5.2014 Show with Jazz Band F.Prochazky Brno
9.5.2014 Show with band CITRON Pasohlavky
3.5.2014 Velka Morava Krizanovice
2.5.2014 Velka Morava Vyskov
24.4.2014 Velka Morava Vyskov
20.4.2014 Velka Morava Kromeriz
11.4.2014 Show with Symphonic Rock Kyjov
8.2.2014 Velka Morava Slavkov
10.1.2014 Velka Morava Brno
11.1.2014 Show with band Panorama Vyskov Slavkov

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Big Drum Bonanza  -  California 2013 - REPORT HERE


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